My Darling Boy Marash the Maverick,
our Ricky would have been 9 this week. 

Below is a photo of Gina and Terry Thorpe of ROBOBULL, breeders of Rickie's Dad, Robobull Ferdinand who sadly passed away in January this year. 
Next Kelly Lawson of Marash Bulldogs, breeder of Rickie's litter with her Dottie, Hillplace Lavender at Marash, sadly Dotty passed away last year at 10 years of age. 
RIP our boy RICKY.
Ewa of Britisher, Linda of Lindamole and Me
at one of the Maidstone shows!


Me!  With the lovely Salvatore of Iblabulldogs, Ewa of Britisher and Anne and Bill of Ringablock 
at the Airport helping with puppies!


Here is me with Terry from Nickleby's Bulldogs handling Lola for me and Les from Geenawell Bulldogs with my handsome Ronnie!  Thanks guys for making my showing and ring craft so much fun, I love you and your Ladies to bits...


Here is a very little special girl called Chelsea who lives in Exeter with Tia's Brother Elvis who is also a very special Bulldog.  This photo is so special as it tells me everything you need to know about Bulldogs and Children.  Chelsea has just had a new baby Brother called Liam, I wish Michelle and Simon congratulations and want to thank them for being the best puppy parents to our Elvis...


Here we all are at the Richmond Champ Show 09.09.07
Left to right, Kirsten, Lauren Terri and Nigel from Rokoluck, Me, Allie, and Duncan of Fortebello as well as Ewa of Britisher and Marie also!


Kent County C.A show Sunday 19th August 2007

Congratulations to Ewa of Britisher who gained another BOB with Poppy.

Donna of Stormjoy with her winning dog

Kelly Kelly of Marash! Kelly was Rickie’s Mum’s Owner and still has Dot. She now lives near Clacton on Sea and I am sure you will all be seeing her on the circuit soon, as she often visits our site and is aching to get back into her Bulldogs and the Show Ring! Please contact me for her e mail address if you would like to say hello!
Kelly pictured here with Dot, Rickie's Mum.
Ewa Larsson My dear friend and mentor 
Ewa Larsson
from Britisher Bulldogs who designed our web site. 
I was so demanding, wanted it just so and Ewa had the patience and expertise to put up with me! 
We share our great love of Bulldogs and have become great friends.
Thank you Darling you are a true shining star.
Visit Ewa here at

Ewa with Lola  
Ewa has had great success at show and with breeding and has been into Bulldogs since 1992…

We love her dogs and cannot wait to see them in the ring.
Ewa showing Lady Lola for us at the Windsor Championship Show July 2007


Karen, Ewa and Franco Franco Porta of Simplydoor Bulldogs of Italy pictured here with myself, Ewa Larsson of Britisher Bulldogs with one of our Puppies for Luca. We had a great time with our Italian friends and Franco will agree it was “no problem”! 
Please visit Franco at
Franco has produced his own World Champion, The Undertaker for Simplydoor and has just taken Maverick's Simply Angelic from our litter of CH Rolex Puppies for Luca.
He has some outstanding puppies available also…
Please e mail for further information…
LucaThe lovely Luca Casanova of Italy who has Maverick's Simply Angelic pictured here at the Windsor Championship Show. 
Angellic is staying with Franco Porta at Simplydoor Bulldogs for Luca.  
Thank you Luca, we look forward to seeing you again soon.
LindaLinda Mills from Lindamole Bulldogs.
Here is Linda at the Windsor Championship show with her lovely bitch MYLOVE. 
They are doing really well in the ring and we wish them every success with their new addition Charlie Boy.
Linda and Mole are so funny and make us laugh so much, we love them long time!
Bridee-MaeBridee-Mae is a lovely young Junior Handler friend of ours and Daughter of Linda Mills from Lindamole Bulldogs.
We started going to the Medway Club before it closed and became great friends. 
Bridee-mae was mentioned in the Bulldog Broad Sheet and is reaching extremely high standards in the Junior Show ring, well done Bridee - Mae and keep up the good work.
Kevin DavisA big thank you to the Mystyle Ocobo Kennels, Pat, Norman and Kevin have been kind and very helpful in finding us the right stud in Champion Rolex for our Bitch.  
We produced and excellent quality litter thank you for all your help and advice and waiting for us late at night to find you!   
Please visit them at
Debbie, Ewa, Charlotte and KarenCharlotte from Dieselbulls, visited us recently on a trip & we had a great day and so much fun, Ewa Larsson from Britisher also joined us and we drank and ate and had a good giggle.
CharlotteDielselbulls- Charlotte from Dieselbulls pictured here with her new puppy Armani from our litter of Champion Rolex, a very handsome boy if I say so my self so similar to our beloved Ricky. 
So much so that his nick name was Ricky Junior before Charlotte gave him her pet name Armani.
We had a great day and have made a great new friend. 

Thank you Charlotte and good luck with your litter from your lovely Munthe.
GinaRobobull Bulldogs- Gina and Terri Thorpe –who started it all!
Yes, these are our breeders where we purchased our Ricky.
We have stayed in touch all these years and they have been a wealth of knowledge and support especially their Daughter Cher who got us showing in the Junior Bulldog Club.
Fortune City  Bulldogs- Brazil
Lucia is a darling and a real dog lover, she has Bulldogs and pugs and Kiko a Pug who she rescued who cannot walk but she is giving him intense treatment and we are all praying for the little fella to pull through.
Lucia and her Sister Marcia have puppies from our Champion Rolex litter.
Orphious – Our friends Colleen and Bob Bronger really helped us to show and train our Bulldogs at the Medway Bulldog Club.
They have since moved to Norfolk. We have a soft spot for their lovely Daughter Amelia who is doing so well with her Junior Handling.
Aggie Torrodahl Bulldogs in Blackpool
We first met Tanya and her family when they came all the way from Blackpool to mate with Ricky. 
They had a fantastic litter and kept back Aggie to show, but what with another baby on the way they never quite got round to the showing! But they are a lovely family and now Aggie is due to be mated.
We are so pleased Rickies line is being continued and improved, we will keep you updated!