Below, Di of Glyndee, Duncan of Fortelbello, Glyn of Glyndee and me!  We had to be dragged away from the bar to see the show we were having such a great time!

Di of Glyndee with our new Swedish friends, thank you for a good time...

My Darling girls Allie, Ewa and Marie with our lovely Joćo   from Tucky Bulldogs in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

All 18 of us...Glyndee, Maverick, Fortebello, Marie Fiddyment, Britisher, British Liberty, Avi from Israel and the guys from Croatia as well as Jaminic and Texmex!  We had a lovely meal and a great time with the Cocktails later!  LOL!

Duncan of Fortelbello and Marie Fiddyment

My 2 Darling Huns, I love them...

All of us again, getting a bit more sozzled!

Allie of Fortebello and me!  We should have stopped drinking then!

Dancing in the bar Carol and the locals!

Allie forcing Marie to dance!

Carol and Allie dancing the night away...

Time for a rest and more cocktails!!!

Avi Mallach of Pnei Mallach bulldogs in Israel with all our International boys!!

Carol having a great time entertaining us, thanks Carol, you were so much fun...

Marie being entertained by the locals!

Ewa and Enrika being "flashed" by the locals! LOL!

Glyn of Glyndee, not sure what he was doing!

Jackie Gee and Allie leaning on each for support! LOL!

Carol and Marie with the wonderful International boys!

Jackie and Avi Mallach from Israel

Duncan of Fortebello with a Pressie for Allie!

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