Name:  Princess Tia of Maverick " Tia"
DOB:  7.6.2005
Colour:   Red & White
Pedigree >>>
About Tia: Lola gave us 9 puppies 8 boys and 1 girl! 
So we kept back Tia, our very special little girl.  

She was the smallest of the litter and I was so worried about her making it.  Lola only has 8 nipples and she had 9 puppies so I often gave an extra feed of fresh Goats milk to Tia and made sure she got the back nipples before the boys go on! 

From that cute, tiny little puppy to her new nick name...Tia The Terrorising Tormentor!  Yes, that cute little puppy beat up all her Brothers, took no hostages and grew as big as them all!  

We love her so, she has so much character, talks to me all the time, hogs the settee and rules this house.  Everyone says I have spoilt her too much! 

I can't wait to show her and see her grow into a stunning Bulldog.

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